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The market of smart products for kids can seem odd, and it can even be alienating to many as it seems that the cultural gap between generations has gone beyond what’s traditional because of technologies’ constant developments.

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In the case of the LG Gizmo Gadget, it is a very practical solution for all parents that feel disenfranchised by a mainstream that normalizes the ideas of small children owning an array of gadgets of exorbitant costs, that have the ever so convenient downsize of being extremely fragile on to combo their high prices. For kids badgering their parents for the latest smartphone, or maybe the most recent thing they saw advertised on YouTube, this is actually a pretty great trade off.

It’s far from being in the same price range as a baseball and a catcher’s mitt, but for parents who would like to enjoy the luxury of knowing the location of their kids at all times, LG and Verizon’s combination have a device that is tailor made for that specific need.

It’s definitely more than a mere toy. And the fact of it being a smartwatch means that it is basically an actual cell phone that the parents can control. If you get the LG Gizmo Gadget, you will be able to control the texts and calls; your kid will be only be able to call the numbers you have programmed into the Gizmo Gadget. It, of course, also serves as a tracker of your children’s location, and you can even set up a perimeter of sorts, meaning that, if your children were to exit a certain area, you will be alerted. You will also receive notifications as the sound configurations are changed, each time the gadget receives a phone call as well as other status updates.

lg gizmogadget review

You can, if you wish, customize all notifications making use of the Gizmo companion app that is available for free download. In case you have even more devices, it can be used with multiple devices, which comes in very handy.

It’s a very good working phone. I found that, specifically the speakers and microphone are surprisingly good given the size of the thing.

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You can decide the numbers that your kid can call and send textmessages to. And this can also be taken care of through the Gizmo companion app. There’s a limit of ways to send communications from the watch, these being, an emoji, a short audio message, or a phrase out of nine that are set up by default. The audio messages have a 20 second limit. Another feature that can be entertaining is a Darth Vader voice distortion; it also has other voice distortion filters, three others to be exact, which can come in handy as kids will be eager to have some fun through playing with their voices.

If you want to look up the precise whereabouts of your child, you would only need to tap on the app’s search icon and in half a minute, the current location of your child will be displayed. Oddly enough, there happens to be another icon that shows up on the watch as you do this as to notify your kid that you are getting an update on him.

In the cases that you’ve set up a perimeter with the watch’s feature, an alarm will activate the moment your kid exits it, and, you can impose a timer on each one of the ones you set up, which is very convenient as a battery saving method. And this function can be used to monitor and see them at the moment they begin their walk home from class, which can be very reassuring.

gizmogadget review by TheIoTList

Other apps are available, as they, of course would be. There’s a to do list, a compass, a timer with countdown functions, one that changes voices, one that counts steps that also has a jump detector function. Another app works that comes incorporated with “Fun Sounds” and it will vary dependently on the themes that are chosen; there will be a total of five themes available for choice, as well as the built in function to mix and sync for more variety. In spite of there not being any more games that come with it, it should all carry a fairly awesome air that will probably leave your child pleasantly surprised, this, of course, varying depending on their specific age and just how familiarized with all things tech they are.

All things considered, the Gizmo Gadget is quite user friendly. You will be able to use it with no need of undergoing a crash course (or any type of course), or forcefully immersing yourself in the tech world. If you download the Gizmo companion application in your smartphone, you will be set, and as long as the Gizmo Gadget also has the application installed and running, communication between your phone and the Gizmo Gadget will run smoothly.

But there is a catch of sorts, as you (or your spouse) will be required to have a Verizon subscription. The Gizmo Gadget is a very useful, objectively good, device that can become a very efficient method of keeping track of your children and avoid their innocent minds be exposed at the risks that come with many aspects of surfing the world wide web.

I can’t do anything but acclaim the Gizmo Gadget. It’s useful in a pragmatic way. And, I ended up praising it so casually and consistently that and it made its way through the grapevine and a quite a few people wound up getting one as well. In terms of money, it will cost $150. You’ll need to pay about $5 monthly for the service if you’ve a Verizon subscription, (rates may be higher if you use another carrier).As far as my personal take on it? I can’t do anything but acclaim the Gizmo Gadget. It’s useful in a pragmatic way. In terms of money, it will cost upwards of $150, and you’ll need to pay about $5 monthly for the service if you’ve a Verizon subscription, although rates may be higher if you use another wireless carrier.

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