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It’s really impressive how far technology has come. Each time something that seems right out of science fiction becomes a reality, I really am amazed. This is one of those times.

What exactly is One X Sensor? What does it sense?

one x sensor review

Well, it does seem incredible, as it gives you biological feedback as it scans you. Yes, it scans you directly. Optical technologies really have come a long way, haven’t they?

It can get a read on your antioxidant level, and forward all the information to your One X account and display it on your smartphone as your “One X score”.

Apparently, as antioxidant molecules in the skin absorb light, they can be sensed, and one x has developed sensors to accurately estimate and measure how much gets absorbed in a non invasive way.

This results in your aforementioned “One X score”. Which can get a read on: what’s in your diet, how much you drink, whether you work out or not, how much stress your daily life involves, excess sun exposure, and it can even tell if you’ve been sleeping well or not.

First off, let’s back up.

In case you’re not aware exactly how important antioxidants can be, let’s have a little revision in order to explain just how much of a breakthrough in health & fitness the One X Sensor is.

Antioxidant rich diets are an important part of fitness regimes for athletes (and amateur fitness enthusiasts too). It has been linked to being one of the forces that can prevent depression naturally.

Antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables, and recently studies have found that high fruit and vegetable consumption has been linked with lower chances of depression, psychological stress, bad moods, anxiety issues as well as basic low quality mental health.

This is assumed to be due to the fact that diets rich in antioxidants might be capable of offsetting the effects oxidative stress.

One example is the studies on Lycopene,

which is the strongest antioxidants in the carotenoid category. It’s normally found in tomatoes as well as other fruits in vegetables as well, and it has been shown to be more efficient than vitamin E in countering oxidative action; about one hundred times more effective. And in a study, comprising of over a thousand people, those who consumed the most tomato products had half the chances of depression that the people consumed the least amount of tomato products. And it was concluded that a diet rich in tomatoes can be a deterrent of depressive symptoms.

Why is this all diet based? Can the focus be on some type of shot?

one x sensor review

The thing Is that it can’t. The form of delivery of antioxidants is extremely important, as studies have consistently concluded that, only food sources have an inverse association with depression.

Antioxidants cannot be simply administered like that, and the only way they’re effective is through food consumption, more specifically, through the consumption of food high in antioxidants. Antioxidants ingested through dietary supplements are not, and have not been associated with depression.

Why is this relevant?

one x sensor review by TheIoTList

Well, depression happens to, not only be a very troublesome issue in terms of health in relation to general wellbeing, but it’s also a major cause of death as an increasing number of people are driven to suicide from the pressures of suffocating depression.

So, a device like the One X Sensor, so precise that it can scan your skin and accurately estimate how much UV radiation your body can stand to tolerate in a particular day, is a massively helpful tool in terms of health, but not just in the vanity driven fitness industry, but also in terms of mental health and health in the context of quality of life by reinforcing behaviors that bring health benefits.

One X achieves this aiding in the improvement of health through a nutrition track board, where you get personalized nutrition advice tailored specifically in the relation of things detected to be lacking in your diet. It gives you personalized information about supplements that your body might be in need of and, more importantly, supplements that your body can absorb effectively. And, of course, it can dish out much needed advice about lifestyle changes and recommendations.

It can also act through your camera phone and utilize the “One X food recognition system”. What does that mean? You can basically take a picture of your meal, and this time not for a vane and frivolous Instagram picture, but because One X will then take the image, convert it into data, and immediately provide you with precisely calculated feedback and recommendations to complete your ideal nutrition needs.

The One X Sensor has a fingerprint sensor. It can be activated with one mere touch of your finger and it allows you to automatically pair your current score with your already existing One X account.

It can carry out its measurements by you simply grabbing it and holding it in the palm of your hand for a third of a minute (aka, 20 quick seconds). The second your hand, your palm makes contact with the One X sensors, the measurements will be displayed.

It’s very obvious the level of importance that a good health represents. The quality of the life we lead is directly dependent on our personal health.

Everybody has goals, and by goals, I mean fitness goals. We envision a version of ourselves that is much healthier, and significantly happier. That often seems ends up being a thought we cage in what we believe to be a fantasy. We’re not Hollywood celebrities, we can’t afford a personal trainer, we have jobs and haven’t the time. With something as helpful as One X Sensor, these reasons not why echo hollow and seem like petty excuses.

If we live a time where things that seem to be plucked out of a science fiction film as much as One X Sensor seems to be, then it’s probably the best time to be alive, and we should be grateful we get this opportunity handed to us on a silver platter.

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