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Now you might wonder, who the heck is Nelso? And why does Nelso even appear on the menu?

Well.. Nelso is the gatekeeper of The IoT List, he-she (Nelso is a thing, but with feelings – so Nelso is both a man, and a woman!)

And since Nelso is so cute we asked if Nelso was keen to be our mascot / logo, Nelso said yes! Nelso is awesome! Nelso likes to dress up as a ninja, and Nelso is blue! I like blue.

The logo

You can download vector and .png versions of The IoT List logo and mark for uses below. I ask you to kindly respect my branding guidelines and not alter the logo in any way, shape or form. So.. this is Nelso (By pushing the logos you can download the branding package):



The name

If and when you write about The IoT List, please write it like this: The IoT List or And again, use the logo as it is, do not adjust it or change colors on it. I like it blue. Nelso likes it blue.

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