Moggie smart collar is love for your Cat: Review by TheIoTList

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Moggie is a godsend of a gadget. It’s a “smart collar” for house cats; it keeps track of all activity the cat gets up to when you simply cannot.

smart collar review moggie

Not everyone is a cat-person, to some people cats are no better than rats (and tragically they treat them as such), and surprisingly enough, not every cat-person is a cat-lover. I am an avid cat-lover, always have been. I love it when he lays on my chest and sleeps, so much that I really don’t mind being consistently late for work because of it. Some of the worst moments and best moments in my life have revolved around my cat Bob; I remember getting extremely anxious, almost fretting myself into a full-blown panic attack when he wouldn’t stop making pained noises one night for hours until I grabbed him, put him in his portable cage and scurry over to every veterinarian I could until I found one open and I found out what was wrong and could solve it. I can also remember how sad I was when he didn’t come back for over 2 months; thinking he had run away, I actually stayed up for a few nights after his regular period for his outings ended and there were still no signs of him coming back. The happiness I felt the rush through my body when he came back, the pure joy, that was one of the best moments of my life. I really have always wished for a way to care for him more and care for him better. I wished I had been able to know what he got up to and had been able to see all the things he ate, all the things that he nibbled on until he ended up poisoning himself. Also, as much as I love him, I do wish I could know what in the world he got up to and how he actually put together some of the most epic messes I’ve seen anyone have in their apartments.

The Moggie Smart Collar can monitor

moggie smart collar review by TheIoTList

it to the degree of being able to discern if it’s moving, running, sleeping, and even if he’s about to get himself into a dangerous situation. It sends the information to the Moggie mobile app.

I tried it for an entire month, and the bitter old skeptic in me was pleasantly surprised. I can detach it to recharge, so I really don’t have to deal with the odyssey that is grabbing his collar (which Bob really hates for some reason), having him fidget at first, then try to jump, run and get away from me, and then, of course, hold it against me for as long as he can put up with having an empty stomach and endure not having his head patted,; although the battery was so long I forgot to charge it after the battery died in 15 days, and I actually had thought it had broken, but then I remembered “Oh, right, this is an electronic, you have to charge it back up.”

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It’s also blunder-proof. I mentioned Bob doesn’t really like having his collar tugged, tampered with or touched directly, didn’t I? Well, he doesn’t. It’s always been that way. I don’t understand why, and as much time as I’ve killed wondering about it I still don’t and it’s very obvious I never will. Because of that, I’ve made a habit of giving Bob his bi-weekly bath with his collar on (yes, it’s just what you thinking, and also, yes I did). I actually didn’t even remember the smart collar was there until I had finished scrubbing his torso and made way to his neck and started scrubbing his neck and saw it…

Safe to say I froze and started chastising myself as I’ve done so many times before at least I did until I recalled it’s completely water proof, thank God. I say that, because it had also been raining quite heavily for weeks, but it wasn’t until this that I remembered that, had it not been completely water-proof, it would’ve damaged ages ago.

In my defense, the collar suits him well. Correction, extremely well, as it blends in with his fur so well, you’d think it was a part of him.

What impressed me the most

moggie smart collar review by the iot list

was when the collar came-off by itself after Bob got himself tangled up with the branches of the small tree in the building’s park he likes to parade around when he’s bored. I was actually there but missed the whole thing, thought Bob had broken the collar somehow, it was that, or he had done one of his Houdini tribute acts again. But as the app told me, it turns out he a branch got tangled up in the collar and the collar just released, so as to prevent him choking.

In short, I am a cat-lover; I don’t have any reservations about saying that. No petty pride to guard by denying such a sizeable part of who I am. I love it when Bob curls up and pushes his little paws against my lap, I love it when he drags something odd into the apartment with smiling eyes to show me and lays it in front of me as if to give me a little present, I love it when he rubs his head against me to pet his own forehead, I love it when he just shows me his belly and beckons me to scratch it for a while, I love it when he just plays with my fingers as if they each were one of his toys and he just starts nibbling on them,  I love it when he rubs up against my legs as he purrs, I love it when he just follows me around like a, comically unaware of his own small size, bodyguard, and because of all that I can say that I love the Moggie Smart Collar. And if you love your cat, you should love it too.

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