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A Fresh Approach to Remote IoT Connectivity

Our infographic “A Fresh Approach to remote IoT... 

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The Internet of Things: Evolution or Revolution ?

This white paper compares the current Internet of Things... 

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Realizing the Potential of the Internet of Things

A white paper from the Telecommunications Industry... 

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IoT: A Vision, Architectural Elements, and Future Directions

This paper presents a cloud centric vision for worldwide... 

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Evaluation of indoor positioning based on Bluetooth Smart technology

Master of Science Thesis in the Programme Computer Systems... 

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Developing solutions for the Internet of Things

Intel's vision in enabling secure and seamless solutions... 

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A Simple Explanation Of ‘The Internet Of Things’ (Forbes)

This article attempts to give an answer to what exactly is... 

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Smart Things: Ubiquitous Computing User Experience Design

Smart Things presents a problem-solving approach to... 

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Getting Started with Bluetooth Low Energy: Tools and Techniques for Low-Power Networking

This book provides a solid, high-level overview of how... 

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Designing the Internet of Things

Whether it's called physical computing, ubiquitous... 

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Building Wireless Sensor Networks: with ZigBee, XBee, Arduino, and Processing

Get ready to create distributed sensor systems and... 

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Using the Web to Build the IoT

Using the Web to Build the IoT is a free book built as a... 

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Abusing the Internet of Things: Blackouts, Freakouts, and Stakeouts

The future with billions of connected "things" includes... 

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Building the Web of Things: with examples in Node.js and Raspberry Pi

A hands-on guide that will teach how to design and... 

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